25 Things I’ve learned In My 25 Years (2/365)

  1. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Life goals happen to everyone at different rates.
  2. Drastically cutting/dying your hair when you feel sad does make you feel better for a bit, but only for a little while.
  4. Sulfate free shampoos will save your dandruffy scalp.
  5. Stop caring about how much makeup you’re wearing, it doesn’t matter, just do what makes you feel better.
  6. A bold lipstick will instantly make you look more put together.
  7. Being called sassy is not a compliment.
  8. You can not please everyone, so stop trying.
  9. If you’re hanging out with people and you go home feeling heavier and sadder – find new people.
  10. Saying ‘I’m not like other girls’ is not a good way to make yourself stand out, putting down other girls to make you unique is misogynistic and doesn’t help the way you see yourself and other women.
  11. Leave in conditioner saves curly hair #confirmed.
  12. Embrace your weird features and insecurities.
  13. Never wait for a guy to ask for your number, making the first move saves time.
  14. A skin care routine really does wonders, especially at nighttime as it sets your body to get ready to sleep.
  15. Complimenting people costs nothing, spread the love.
  16. If you’re feeling yourself, take selfies and really embrace your own beauty.
  17. Toxic relationships can include friendships if someones being toxic – throw them in the bin.
  18. The friends who are there for you when you’re broke, are the realist, keep them close.
  19. Nighttime baths and showers really do wonders for your sleep and give you more time to sleep in the mornings.
  20. Curly hair needs a different routine to straight hair!
  21. Don’t make yourself smaller to impress other people.
  22. Learn to accept a compliment.
  23. It’s not a crime to say no to going out with friends if you need alone time, or a moment to recharge.
  24. Always put your mental health first.
  25. There’s a fine line between being blunt and just being mean.

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