Post Uni Part 2: When Idiots Run Magazines (8/365)

So here’s part two of my wonderful post-university life, and wow, my attempts writing and infiltrating the magazine industry have been rocky as hell, to read part one click here.

So my first experience was filled with being overworked and being under creepy people and inappropriate weekly meetings. This was something else entirely, this was working under an actual idiot.

Now I started writing for this magazine because I was friends with one of the editors, so I’d send her articles every now and then and it would be featured in their magazine. They weren’t big or anything, just TV listings and small contributions, however when I left the first magazine, I wanted to move over to this one and start going into the office and write there. Spoiler alert I only lasted a month.

So to begin with it wasn’t too bad, it was just standard, you get articles, you write them and boom they go live on the site. My lunchtimes were spent with my friend who’s the editor and other writers, and this was when I realised I jumped ship from one hell hole to another.

The conversations during lunch essentially revealed that the boss was crazy, unreasonable and generally horrible to his staff. In some cases, they even revealed that the magazine’s influx of money was due to illicit means – now that I can’t really speak about because I have no receipts.

The kicker and the moment when I decided enough was enough was when I attended one of their morning meetings – which funnily enough was an accident, I was told to come in early when I wasn’t supposed to, and then it happened, the boss spouted his ridiculous nonsense.

Now I’d like to state this now, I studied Politics and Sociology so I’ve spent a considerable amount of time going over communism, Marxism, his principles and many, many, MANY people who have adopted his ideas and ideologies. I also personally support some of the statements, however, there is a line, and that line is when someone goes full Marx. Let me explain…

So the boss was first talking about the magazine, where it was going, and generally just standard stuff. He then went on to talk about how kids these days don’t know enough about the world, about people like Marx, and his ideologies, how the younger generation was blinded and so on and so forth. This was when the alarm bells were ringing because firstly, this guy runs a magazine, how is he this disconnected to the youth who learn about Marx from a very young age. Secondly, how are you insulting your target audience, and thirdly I realised he was an actual idiot.

He then went on to talk about his idols Marx, Mao Zedong and Stalin, now at this point I expected someone to stand up to him because he seriously just praised Mao and Stalin without any hesitation, but no, everyone sat silent. At this point, I suspected people were afraid to stand up to this idiot, but this moment pretty much confirmed it -they were all scared of this small man.

That wasn’t even his worst comment, now one of the key components of Marxism is that it’s very anti-religion, and institutions like this. Now I know modern Marxist supporters and socialists have basically adapted this and understand that respecting someone’s choice of religion doesn’t hinder how they could also be anti-capitalist – but no, not this guy.

I have to preface this by saying he’s of Bengali heritage, just to really put in to place what he went on to say. So at this point, he spoke about how he and his parents immigrated to the UK, and how his family were so uptight about their culture and religion they refused to assimilate. He spoke about his time growing up as a journey of him learning to embrace the British culture and what it allows, and because of this, he not only resented his culture but his religion.

Which started his anti-Islamic speech, he spoke about the shackles of the religion and how repressive he was. He called women who wear the hijab blinded and subjugated and went on to say some really disgusting and horrific things. But here’s the kicker, this then allowed him to speak horrifically about all religion and he ranted about Christianity as well.

In total his whole morning meeting was an hour-long speech of all of his discriminatory beliefs, and everyone just sat there listening to it. It’s not like I was in a room of straight white men, the Boss was Bengali and a lot of the workers were men and women of colour.

I heard during the following lunchtime that he does this speech every day, and at the end of the work day I left and never contacted them again.

I just couldn’t fathom the idea of working under an actual idiot.

If you thought this was the end of my hellish post-university slump of awful employment – you thought wrong. Part three will basically be my time in a sales cult.

All images are taken from unsplash.

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