What I’m Leaving in 2018 (9/365)

So there’s a lot of talk about what we’re leaving behind in 2018 across all social media platforms, so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon with a few of my own.

  1. Angry black girl stereotype – let’s leave it behind, we’re not all angry, but when we are you should treat us like every other race. People have thoughts and feelings, and we should be allowed to express them without feeling like we’re perpetuating a stereotype.
  2. Sleeping with makeup on – I get it, we all have late nights, but it’s not worth the havoc it does to your skin the morning after. At the bare minimum just use a wipe and get rid of it.
  3. Women hating women – THIS NEEDS TO GO. I am sick and tired of women competing with other sisters to get the gratification or emotional rewards off of men. Let’s put this one in the bin and all become a sisterhood, please.
  4. Ignoring your mental health – We all need to stop pretending that mental health isn’t as important as physical health. It is, point blank and any relapses need to be treated as seriously!
  5. Cancel culture – This one needs to go, we all say <insert name> is cancelled for doing whatever, but then more famous people do the same shit or worse and get forgiven. Either cancel them all or allow them, but this whole ‘Oh this person is cancelled’ nonsense is too flaky to be taken seriously.
  6. Not being able to find my foundation shade – It is now 2019, makeup brands you need to understand that black and brown girls exist, both on the darkest spectrum, BUT ALSO US INBETWEENERS! I am always in between shades and it’s honestly annoying.
  7. People touching my hair – This one needs to fuck off, I as a personal rule don’t like being touched by anyone normally, but because my hair is curly people feel the need to touch it. Stop, you’re making it frizzy and also I don’t like being petted like an animal.
  8. Fuck boys – Girls and guys, I think it’s safe to say we all have spent too much of our lives dealing with fuck boys, so let’s leave them behind and never let them have another second of our precious time.
  9. Negative humans – Bin them, bin them all! If anyone’s making you feel bad about your life or your goals you need to get rid of the whole person. My rule of them is that if after spending time with someone they make you feel bad or make your soul feel heavier, they need to go because that’s not good for your mental health.
  10. Self-doubt – Nothing good comes from doubting yourself and your abilities, it’s time to make changes and believe in yourself!
  11. Following trends – Now some fashion and beauty trends are amazing, but one thing that needs to stop is following them because of their popularity. We need to do what we love and not get bogged down in having to have the latest beauty products, skin care and clothes.
  12. Pressure to be in a relationship/married – This needs to go ASAP! I completely understand there are people happily in relationships and are planning their up and coming weddings, but some of us don’t want that either right now or ever, and that also needs to be respected.
  13. Obsessively counting calories – Now I understand some people are on a fitness journey and that’s completely fine, but for the rest of us we need to get out of the habit of creating these unrealistic numbers of calories and then punishing ourselves for having certain types of food. Let’s be healthy in 2019, but let’s not punish ourselves for eating either.

So I’m sure there are loads more, but I’ve decided to stop at the lucky number 13 as there is a risk of it becoming a dissertation. What are you leaving behind in 2018?

All images are taken from unsplash.

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