Weirdest Game of Thrones Theories (12/365)

So GOT is nearing its end, and as an avid fan of the shows and the books I can say that the fan base is smart, on the ball and generally pick up on things I wouldn’t even have thought of.

Now Season 7 wasn’t the best thing in the world, but everything beforehand was what made the series one of the most popular Tv shows out there.

As the books put a lot more emphasis on prophecy and spiritual signs than it’s on-screen adaptation, the fan theories are very out there. A lot of them are believable and fairly in the realms of what could be considered normal in A Song of Ice and Fire, but some of them are honestly a stretch, even for a world that has dragons and the undead rising.

Spoiler alert – if you’re new to the series, some of these facts may contain spoilers.

Jamie and Cersei are Targaryens 

Now we know a lot of the popular fan theories have some character being a secret Targaryen but bear with us, there is a possibility that this could be true. 

Throughout the books, there have been rumours that Aerys II Targaryen lusted after Joanna, Tywins wife. It even got to the point where it’s said that the Mad King ‘took some liberties’ on their wedding night, which although can be quite vague on its own – wait there’s more. 

They also say that he invoked the #right of prima nocta’ on their wedding night which states that the lord has the right to have sex with any bride under his rule on her wedding night. 

So there is a real possibility that Tywin Lannister firstborn twins are in fact Targeryans, not only that but they could be the reason that Joanna died in childbirth with Tyrion. 

As giving birth to Targaryen children is hard on mothers, especially if they don’t have the blood of the dragon so this could have seriously weakened her body. By the time she was pregnant with Tyrion her body simply couldn’t handle the strain. 

One more point to fully solidify this point, having twins is a genetic hereditary trait. The Lannisters don’t have this gene, however, the Targaryens do. 

Syrio Forel is Jaqen H’ghar 

Syrio Forel, a well-loved, the charismatic character died when fighting against Kingsguard unarmed… or did he?  

Many people do believe that that’s where the first sword of Braavos met his end, but there are also other theorists speculating that he in fact managed to survive. And not only that, but that he is the faceless assassin Jaqen H’ghar who meets Arya later on. 

Now the main basis for this theory is that we never see Syrio die on screen or in the books, and there is that age-old rule that if we don’t see the dead body than the person can’t really be considered dead. 

It would help to explain many things, like why a faceless assassin took such an interest in Arya. 

The two men also have a lot of similarities, they’re both good at the art of killing, and Syro proudly announces his Braavosi heritage a lot, and although Jaqen said he came from Lorath, he tells Arya to seek out training in Braavos. So there must be something shady there. 

This theory can be considered to be just fans clutching at straws, but you never know, Syrio can still return. 

Missandei is a Faceless man 

Missande is many things, a proficient linguist, Dany’s best friend and confident and a growing love interest for the Unsullied Grey Worm. 

Fans have been speculating that there’s more to her than meets the eye. Let’s review, first of all, she can speak 19 languages fluently. Like a highly functioning robot or droid, this skillset doesn’t seem common for slaves but if she were an assassin travelling across the world it could make more sense. 

In the books, things get even weirder as she’s a child of 10 years old and states that she has memories of her two brothers before they underwent Unsullied training. This doesn’t add up because Unsullied training takes a long time, longer than she’s been alive in the books really. 

There’s also a case where she hears slaves scratching the city walls from almost half a mile away, now if that doesn’t say she has secret superpowers I don’t know what will. 

If she is a secret Faceless man which is an order of assassins than that would make things interesting. As Book Arya meets a young girl in Braavos who turns out to be 36 years old, which would explain how Missandei is a linguistic genius at such a young age in both the shows and the books. 

It’s also great to know that the Faceless men come from ancient slaves who executed a plot to kill their masters, now doesn’t that sound familiar to what Daenerys is doing? 

Euron Greyjoy and Dario Naharis are the same 

This theory is definitely one of the stranger ones, as it’s impossible for Euron Grey and Dario Naharis to be the same person. One is in Westeros and the other in Mehreen, however, there is evidence out there that can state otherwise. 

In the books, they both have similar physical appearances as well as having blue eyes. Not only that but Eurons whereabouts during Dany’s travels are unknown. All the ironborn know is that he’s travelled across the world and seen some things. 

Another interesting point is that when Balon is assassinated, Dario wasn’t in Mehreen, this is the same for the Kingsmoot. 

In the Kingsmoot Euron is also pretty confident in his abilities to marry Dany and get her dragons, now alone this confidence is pretty strange and arrogant. However, if he’s Dario it would make more sense as they are romantically involved, and even though their marriage is a stretch, Dario’s still got her heart. 

It’s also pretty interesting to add that there are months between both of their sightings in the books, so that could give them time to cross the seas and probably use magic to speed their boats up. 

It’s also important to add that it is implied a lot that Euron has dabbled in the dark arts and even used quarthian warlock magic whilst sailing. 

Lastly, Euron has said that he tried to sneak Ironborn in Oldtown by disguising them as Tyroshi and low and behold, Dario Naharis is Tyroshi. 

Roose Bolton is a Skin Stealer 

This theory has to be the craziest, it states that Roose Bolton is an immortal skin changing Other who uses magic to steal other people’s identities by wearing their skin. 

House Bolton has always been a mystery, their words are “Our Blades Are Sharp” and they have a creepy obsession with flaying their enemies. 

A lot of the basis of this theory comes from the books, Roose is feared, considered sociopathic and strong and yet his bastard son is allowed to live.  

This universe is also no stranger to magic with dragons and faceless men roaming about, why not have Roose be otherworldly on top of it. Roose’s descriptions in the books add to this as he’s fairly creepy and obsessed with using leeches on himself, in A Dance with Dragons he’s described in a very interesting manner. 

“Roose Bolton’s own face was a pale grey mask, with two chips of dirty ice where his eyes should be.” 

There’s also the case of why he allows Ramsey to live, even after Ramsey Snow poisoned the legitimate heir Domeric Bolton, Roose still allowed him to continue on with his sick ways. So maybe his intention could be to steal Ramsey’s strong body and continue on living through him. With A Song of Ice and Fire, anything is possible. 

Overall we know a lot of them won’t make it into the canon book or tv universe, but with this series, you never really know. Look at the famous ‘R+L = J’ becoming canon, so really anything is possible in the grand scheme of things.

All images are from Unsplash.

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