Weird Red Flags Everyone Overlooks (15/365)

In our day to day lives, we meet lots of different kinds of people and learn to adapt to lots of personality traits and quirks. But one of the weirdest things that occur in a day to day setting is how everyone overlooks some seriously weird red flags in other people.

Before you ask, let me explain, so a red flag has been used as a symbol for danger for centuries, and when it comes to personalities they represent some behaviours that you should keep an eye out for. In some cases, they can also be signs that you need to stop speaking to this person because they will hurt you in one way or another.

As a girl in her mid-twenties, I’ve learnt the hard way that red flags exist for a reason and to be perfectly honest there are a lot of them that will make me just ghost someone for all of the time. They’ll never find out why the friendship never blossomed because I decided to run away and protect myself.

Here’s a list of some of these red flags, they’re not all super serious, but if you know someone with more than 3, it might be worth having a conversation with them.

  1. Being rude to a waiter/bartender/anyone in the service industry
  2. Starting a sentence with ‘I’m not being racist but…’
  3. Calling all of their exes crazy
  4. Only speaking to you when they need something. (This is a serious one if someones doing this get rid of them)
  5. Never seeing how they could be wrong in any given situation.
  6. Compulsive lying, about anything and everything. (Also a serious one)
  7. Never asking you how you’re doing after going on and on about themselves for ages.
  8. Not having friends of the opposite gender.
  9. Victim blamers
  10. Slut-shamers
  11. Anyone who diminishes your thoughts and opinions without taking the time to listen to them.
  12. Interrupters – Not just people who interrupt you once in a while, I mean the repeat offenders.
  13. Someone who never apologises.
  14. Anyone who says ‘I’m not usually friends with <insert race, gender, sexuality> because of a stereotype they’ve inserted onto them.
  15. Someone who is perpetually the victim.
  16. Anyone who’s aura gives you a weird/negative vibe.
  17. When someone doesn’t support your creative/work goals.
  18. If you don’t feel comfortable around the person – this one hard to explain, but if you don’t feel comfortable, there’s usually a reason, and in most cases its a red flag.
  19. Anyone who will purposefully say things to put you down/uses your insecurities against you.
  20. Anyone who talks badly about you behind your back.

So that’s a list of my red flags that I look out for, and to be perfectly honest this isn’t even a complete list. I could write an essay on this topic.

What are some red flags that you look out for?

All images are taken from unsplash

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