25 Dumb Things I’ve Done in 25 years (18/365)

So I’ve already written a more inspiring tale about 25 things I’ve learnt in 25 years, so I think its about time we also explore the dumb and stupid things that I’ve done in my 25 years of living.

  1. Let my confidence be defined by the opposite sex.
  2. Believe people’s lies.
  3. Lied about liking horror films throughout all of school.
  4. Said things like ‘I’m not like other girls’.
  5. Acted like I was tougher than I actually am.
  6. Tried to be the ‘cool girl’.
  7. Left a cooker on overnight (it was electric thank the lord).
  8. Got caught up in unnecessary drama.
  9. Compared myself to other people.
  10. Made myself small to let others shine.
  11. Spent a big portion of my teens not addressing my own anger issues.
  12. Not addressing my own mental health (this is still a problem but I’m now an aware idiot).
  13. Lying, just all the lies.
  14. Caring what other people think.
  15. Thinking smoking weed makes you cool. Please don’t do this its embarrassing.
  16. Competing with other girls – internalised misogyny is an annoying thing we all deal with.
  17. Hanging out with people that I honestly didn’t want to spend time with.
  18. Blue eyeshadow.
  19. Not filling in my eyebrows.
  20. Bleaching my hair three times in one week was one of the worst things I’ve ever done to my hair.
  21. Thinking listening to classical music was a unique phenomenon.
  22. Wanting straighter hair/lighter skin/bigger eyes etc.
  23. Letting soul suckers into my life.
  24. Not being an inclusive feminist!
  25. Straightening my hair every day.

A lot of these are fickle dumb things that I did, but in all honesty, I was a very stupid child/teen/young adult. I won’t lie and say I’ve now overcome it all because that would be a flat out lie. But I’m trying, which is all that matters.

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