My Weekend Self Care Routine (23/365)

As the week tends to be extremely busy thanks to work and having a social life, I tend to focus at least one day of the weekend to my self-care. This involves a lot of different things but mainly it’s about cleaning and just taking the time to pamper myself.

Now I know self-care can change from person to person, in my worse states self-care was literally getting out of the bed and finding productive things to do. Thankfully now I’m in a better place and have adapted the routine to reflect this.

Step 1: Clean my room/other rooms in my house

Now I live with my big family, I’m the second oldest of 7 children which means there’s always messes to be cleaned and helped with. I won’t write here that I always clean as it’s not my job to clean up after my siblings, but I do focus on a task. Most of the time its just deep cleaning my room and reorganising it accordingly, other times it’s helping out the others and cleaning the massive messes.

I’ve learnt over time that mess is one of my biggest triggers, so wiping away dirt and organising my room does help. At work I often clean my desk if it needs doing just because looking at messes/dirt will set me off.

Step 2: Relax by doing a hobby

Whether it’s reading a book, playing a game or watching a show, I find a way to wind down. This is usually the time I pick up a new tv or anime series and get super obsessed with it. But taking the time to jump out of our current reality does help a lot, and just allows my brain to stop spiralling and relax.

Step 3: Pamper session

This is when the full-blown pamper session comes out, and I’m talking bubble baths, clay masks, exfoliation – everything. It just helps to look after your skin as well as your mind. Always remember your skin is the biggest organ in your body, so take care of it!

After a clay mask, I like to use a sheet mask as well, since clay masks focus on removing dirt and impurities and then the sheet mask will add in serum goodness and moisture!

This is a pretty basic self-care routine, I’ll either add things or take away depending on how the week has gone, but the main focus is to just take the time to focus on my own mind and to pamper it accordingly. And yes that does mean cleaning my own crap because like I said earlier dirt is the enemy.

All images are taken from Unsplash

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