What They Don’t Tell You About Depression (24/365)

Depression is a mental health condition that is slowly gaining momentum in terms of awareness, which is honestly amazing. The awareness is literally saving lives with more and more people seeking help and the stigma against mental health breaking down.

One thing that we do need to work on is the ugly side of depression, the side that isn’t really part of the conversation. It’s not all about crying or feeling worthless, there are other symptoms that often get overlooked.

Here’s some of the symptoms of depression to look out for that aren’t really spoken about.

Disclaimer: I’m not a mental health professional so it’s important to remember that my advice is only from experience and it’s always best to see someone and get help.

Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed, taking 5-10 minutes is perfectly normal, but for a lot of us dealing with depression, it can take around 1+ hours to get out of bed.

A constant feeling of worthlessness. Now I’m not talking about self-esteem issues or just feeling down for a bit, I’m talking about a constant feeling of feeling worthless; stupid even. It’s generally one of the worst symptoms because it leads to suicidal thoughts.

This then leads to feeling useless and doubting everyone’s love and care for you as a person. One of the key components to depression is that you isolate yourself which then aggravates all of the symptoms and it’s one twisted cycle.

Everything feels overwhelming, even simple everyday tasks. Like fixing your bed, having a shower and doing mundane everyday things. It’s hard to explain but everything feels like a massive task and your brain finds ways of putting you off doing anything at all.

My best and only analogy for depression is this: it’s like your brain, despite being your first and the last defence is working against you, and attacking you like a virus. It’s a form of mental suffocation from the inside out.

So that leads perfectly to the feeling of utter numbness. Nothing, nada, you just feel like a lump floating through the ethos of life itself with no purpose of opportunity and that can honestly fuck you up.

You also somehow on top of all of these weird emotions, or lack thereof, feel like everyone is out to get you. Whether it’s through hatred towards you personally, talking behind your back, or generally just seeing you as a useless human.

My last note would be your eating habits get weird. It can either be through food combinations, the times you eat or the frequency. But either way something changes and it’s not always the healthiest.

Hopefully, this helps since depression is usually equated to with more sadness and crying, and the rest of it isn’t seen in the public eye as much. If you have any other symptoms to look out for please comment them down below!

All images are taken from Unsplash

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