Why I Started Using CBD Oil (27/365)

Migraine management is generally something that takes a while to sort out. When it comes to modern medicine the focus is mainly on trying as many different cocktails of medicines until you eventually find something that works – which doesn’t always happen.

After dealing with them for around a year I had been on so many different medicine combinations it was starting to scare me. Mainly because of the crazy side effects but also because of the long term effects of taking these meds, and the side effects were not worth the fact that my migraines had not been reduced.

Fun side effects can range from eating too much to being a zombie and having a brain that no longer worked. My last round of prescribed meds was a fun ride (sarcasm), as it required me to slow up my dosage until I found the perfect balance. Now my first issue was with the level of responsibility this was, my second was the main side effect being the creation of a zombie, or in normal terms – brain fog.

So with the mixture of these two, you can imagine that being responsible for these drugs weren’t going to end well. Now I won’t say that I took more than the prescribed amount, but I did go from taking half the maximum dosage for an adult, to accidentally taking the full amount. This led to me being medically high as a kite for a few days – yes you read that right, a few days.

It wasn’t fun either, I’ve never been the kid to take pills or get high like that so I wasn’t enjoying it, and had a ‘moment’ during work. I also went to a friends place to hang out with our group during these days and wow, I was not doing so well. So this was the final straw, I could go into details about the other meds that have made me loopy, but to be honest this was the scariest experience out of the bunch.

I did what no one should do, and I quit the medicine cold turkey. DO NOT DO THIS. It honestly ruined my insides and the side effects of coming off the meds so suddenly were awful, but while I was internally decomposing I looked into other alternatives and had dabbled in CBD oil in the past, so it was time to commit to it.

CBD oil is essentially marijuana oil without the THC in case you didn’t know, there’s loads of research and studies claiming it helps with a lot of pain management and even epilepsy. Now is this a miracle cure for migraines? No, not in my experience, but when I started using it I experienced something that I haven’t experienced in a long time: the ability to function.

From the moment my migraines began I lost my ability to truly function, it affected both my work life and my personal life. Pain pills wouldn’t work, prescription medications were only adding to the issue and honestly, I’d given up on being a functional human being. What CBD oil gave me was something that allowed my body to work, I don’t understand the science behind it at all but it did something.

Using it doesn’t mean I am a migraine free, but I can hope for good weeks and even have the hormonal migraines not make me curse the day I was given a uterus. I can actually use pain pills now if I feel a migraine coming, and have enough brain capacity to identify triggers, so I doubt I’ll stop using it anytime soon. It’s not a miracle cure, but it has taken the edge off and allowed me to not be plagued with migraines 24/7.

All images are taken from Unsplash

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