Unrealistic Women in Movies (29/365)

The world of films is an exciting place, there’s action, romance, drama and everything that someone could possibly answer in one 2 hour viewing. The issue that a lot of us are finding is that somethings in the way women are portrayed are very unrealistic.

Women in survival films never have periods. They’ll be out and about for weeks at a time and it’s never addressed. Now periods aren’t the sexiest topic around but it’s something that a lot of us deal with every single month, and to be perfectly honest it would nice to see a guideline on how to deal with them if we were in a survival situation!

Women running in heels in any situation. No one runs in heels. It hurts, it blisters and to be perfectly honest it isn’t practical on any level. You’d be more likely to take your heels off and if you step in glass let adrenaline deal with the ramifications!

Breaking off a heel does not make it flat! There are no exceptions to this rule, STOP TRYING TO MAKE THIS A THING.

Any woman who is perfectly plucked all day every day. Whether it’s a survival situation or just general everyday living, no one is perfectly plucked, waxed or tweezed 24/7. In survival situations, it’s worse though because they’ll also somehow still have a full face of makeup and will be stranded for weeks on end. Firstly, how do they have the time to sort themselves and where are they getting the tools for this? Shouldn’t they put this energy into finding food resources and survival?

Women friends only speaking about boys for a whole movie is ridiculous, because we spend more time talking about periods and food than men in all honesty.

Now, none of these ridiculous tropes hurt anyone in particular, but it’s getting ridiculous, you can’t make a film that is supposed to have aspects of realism and then just ignore these little things. No one looks perfect all the time and seeing it a lot at a young age reinforces unrealistic beauty standards on both men and women.

All images are taken from Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Unrealistic Women in Movies (29/365)

  1. I was just watching Young Adult the other day with Charlize Theron. There is a scene in the movie where she shows up to a friends a house completely drunk and distraught, crying with her make up smeared and hair a mess. As the scene goes on, it ends up with her waking up the next morning with perfectly tousled hair and a fresh face of perfect make up. I completely agree that there are so many unrealistic beauty standards in movies both new and old. And once you notice, it’s hard to ignore!


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