End of Chapter One (31/365)

The first chapter of 2019 is now over and wow what a shit show. I don’t understand how, but it felt like the fastest and slowest January of all time, did anyone else feel this?

I won’t even go into the politics of this month because with Brexit and whatever Trumps doing in America, it looks like we’ll be ending up in a post-apocalyptic world sometime soon. It might be worth buying survival kits and becoming friends with people who actually know how to live without technology.

I didn’t really make any resolutions because it’s kind of like setting yourself up for failure, I instead made goals and I haven’t been doing the best at all of them. One goal was this blog, which surprisingly has still been happening, I’ve posted every single day so far so that’s an achievement!

I told myself I’d also focus on reading more, but the book I’m reading at the moment is super political and entrenched in race issues which means I can’t read it for too long without hating the world and my marginalised reality.

I also wanted to focus on being more creative, which hasn’t been something I’ve done a lot – but it’s happening. I’ve finally decided to start writing my book about my time in a sales cult and that’s been going really well, but it needs a lot more planning and structure.

Overall the first chapter hasn’t been too bad, I might need to focus on doing more in terms of my mental goals, and actually try being more healthy. I don’t mean living in the gym, but just making healthier choices in terms of food and mindfulness.

How was your first chapter of the year?

All images are taken from Unsplash

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