Unpopular Anime Opinions (32/365)

I’ve been watching anime most of my life, I love it, it’s fun, the stories are great and it has an amazing community of people who have the same passion as I do. However, because of all of these lovely things, various opinions get heated and some of the things I believe are considered to be quite controversial and unpopular.

So here’s a list of my unpopular anime opinions:

  1. I tried watching Naruto and got very bored, it isn’t the best.
  2. Full Metal Alchemist 2003 version is amazing and it doesn’t get enough credit!
  3. Akame Ga Kill is overrated, it’s not special and none of the character deaths were sad.
  4. Not all fillers are bad, some are even enjoyable (as long as it’s not too long).
  5. Serial Experiments Lain isn’t very good, it’s just pretentious for the sake of being pretentious.
  6. Guilty Crown is a sad copy cat of Code Geass.
  7. It’s possible to like an anime, and recognise it’s complete trash, like Seven Deadly Sins – it’s not the best, but it’s a fun ride.
  8. Baccano is better than Durarara.
  9. Most female characters in anime are shit, even the popular faves because they were drawn to be a male fantasy.
  10. Tsundere’s are a lazy character trope.
  11. If you need to read the manga to understand the anime, then the anime is shit.
  12. Manga’s aren’t always better than the anime.
  13. Most Mecha’s are shit.
  14. Tokyo Ghoul season 2+ is horse shit.
  15. Fanservice ruins most anime, and the rest weren’t interesting to begin with.

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