Just Migraine Things (33/365)

Migraines are generally a horrific experience I’d only wish on my worst enemy. There’s a lot of pain and crawling into a dark room, but this isn’t because of just a headache. Migraines are much more than simple head pain, so here’s a list of the ways in which migraines fuck with us.

  1. Light becomes the enemy that burns your pupils into oblivion.
  2. Loud noises are the equivalent of being ripped apart nerve by nerve.
  3. Your head pounds on one side, or both sides, or sometimes even the back of your head.
  4. Sometimes neck pain is also there, which is fun, because what do you need your neck for? Stability? To hold your bloody head?
  5. The pain travels to other sides of the body to, so it’s not just localised to your brain.
  6. Eye pulsating becomes your new norm, and you start to wish your eyes would fall out.
  7. Remember those strong smells you love and enjoy, well now they are personal attacks on your brain and your stomach as you’ll get a migraine and throw up.
  8. Nausea, just nausea. It’s like the friend at an already shit house party you didn’t want to show up because they make things uncomfortable and you’re bad time just got even worse.
  9. NUMBNESS IN YOUR LIMBS! It’s terrifying because you start to worry if you’re having a stroke, but really it’s your brain trolling you, and now you can’t physically function.
  10. New waves of pain, my personal hatred is the time I felt like my nerves were exposed and they were being attacked. I was shaking and not able to function, and it was all because of a migraine.
  11. Not being able to make connections from your brain to your mouth. This is a real thing, sometimes you can’t speak, or find the right words, it’s like brain fog.
  12. Aura, in general, is horrific, because not only are you seeing random blind spots, experiencing brain fog or even more bad things, but it’s the calm before the clusterfuck of a storm.
  13. PAIN PILLS DON’T WORK UNLESS YOU TAKE THEM BEFORE A MIGRAINE HAPPENS! You could pop 2 Paracetamol and 2 Ibuprofen or the strongest pain pills but it doesn’t matter because timing is everything.
  14. That moment of realisation when you stop and think about how much money you spend to not be in pain.
  15. Everyone telling you to drink more water is probably the most irritating thing. Not only because it suggests you haven’t tried it, but also because they usually say this as you’re drinking water.
  16. Every sense is heightened in a disgusting way during a migraine, smells are like personal attacks, so hiding alone in a dark room is the only way to ride the waves of pain.

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