Office Life Made Me More of a Germophobe (36/365)

Growing up I always saw office jobs as very solitary. Tv and movies showed them as restricted and only ever showed the cubicle structure of the 9-5 working life. Since then a lot has changed, offices are preferring open plan spaces over the cubicle solitude.

Open offices are the exact opposite, they’re open, inviting and everyone essentially shares the same workspace. For a lot of people, this fosters more creativity and allows them to not feel alone or lonely when they’re working.

With the rise of a lot of mental health issues, or to be more specific, the rise of actual awareness it’s important to consider that keeping certain people confined could lead to a worsening of their mental state.

However, with shared spaces comes shared bacteria and it has heightened my germophobia by a lot.

I wasn’t even aware of it until my younger sister mentioned it to me since I was always quite bad when it came to germs and having a clean personal space. But recently it has escalated enormously to the point that I have Dettol spray on my desk at work and antibacterial gel everywhere I go.

It started with the toilet discussion, we get a lot of mass emails where they’re concerned. Whether it’s keeping them clean, tidy and steps not to flood them – you’d be surprised we’re all adults. But it got worse when I noticed that not everyone washes their hands, or has insufficient washing techniques.

Let me break it down a little bit more:

  1. You’ve got the ‘2-second washers’. Which is as the name describes, they stick their hand under the tap for 2 seconds and expect it to kill the germs.
  2. The ‘face touchers’, which is a weird one, and it also includes hair. So essentially they will touch their face, fix their hair and touch everything before washing their hands, and this is after flushing.
  3. The ones who don’t wash their hands at all, they’ll either check their reflection and look for a tactical time to leave without anyone noticing, or walk straight out after flushing.

It’s all honestly gross, the shared kitchen space reveals how little people know about personal hygiene. With plates piling in the sink with food still on it, and mountains of cups – even though there are three dishwashers right next to the sink. It’s worse at the end of the day, because a cleaner has already come to clean it, and it’s still a mess because people are gross.

So you question everyone’s actual hygiene, you lose trust in their ability to wash their hands and their own self, and you’re just surrounded by people coughing without covering their hands. It’s not even a surprise that everyone’s ill all the time.

When children do gross things it’s allowed because you can teach them to know better, but when adults partake in this nonsense it just makes you lose faith in humanity.

All images are taken from Unsplash

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