How I Got Into K-Pop (46/365)

K-Pop (Korean pop) is a genre of music that has always been popular, but it’s only in the past few years that it’s gained public recognition in the western world.

Now, my best friends have all been into this genre for a while so it wasn’t like I had no exposure to it. If anything I was very aware of them back in my college days and actively avoided them because I was already obsessed with too many things – I simply couldn’t handle another obsession.

As the past few years have flown by K-pop has increased in popularity, to the point where it’s almost mainstream. Everyone knows who BTS is and that continuously blows my mind, but even after all this I still hadn’t completely succumbed to the genre. Even though I’d have a cheeky listen to Taemin’s solo stuff every now and then, it was drowned in all my other music.

Then it happened, I got an office job and I fell down the rabbit hole of K-pop. See, my job at that point involved a lot of repetitive monotonous data entry type work with websites, so I needed something to keep me pumped throughout the day. So I asked my besties – the K-pop fans – for some music and from that moment I was hooked.

I won’t say I engage a lot with fandoms, or even watch the idols outside of their music videos, but I have an extreme appreciation for the music. It’s out of the box, despite using popular pop music conventions, they find a way to push boundaries and even create new sub-genres.

One of the reasons I really do continue to love this genre is because it’s always changing and every artist and group is continuously doing more. I find that some popular musicians in the West are content, and you can’t really expect a lot more from them, whereas their Korean counterparts are doing the most with their platform. From their choreography, the music to the actual music videos, we never really know what to expect, and that is exciting!

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