We Need To Talk About Toxic Friendships… (52/365)

I’ve personally read a lot of post’s and watched videos on toxic relationships and what to look out for, but one thing that’s never really mentioned is how friendships can be toxic too. In some cases they can also be abusive, as friendships are also a form of relationship, it’s just not romantic.

Friendships are arguably more intense than romantic relationships for some people and there are a lot of ups and downs to maintaining long term friends. As a result, this can lead to a lot of toxic behaviours manifesting, and because we’re not really trained to see the warning signs in friends we just allow it to happen.

Here are some signs to look out for as a lot of it can be easily overlooked:

  1. Being jealous of you and your other friendships.
  2. Making you feel guilty all the time.
  3. Insulting you, all the time.
  4. Making you feel worthless.
  5. Being passive aggressive when they’re annoyed with you.
  6. Expecting you to understand why they’re annoyed instead of having a conversation.
  7. Giving you the silent treatment.
  8. Giving you backhanded compliments.
  9. Highlighting your insecurities.
  10. Using personal information against you.
  11. Blaming you for everything.
  12. Humiliating you all of the time. (FYI: It’s different to a light tease)
  13. Attempting to control you and how you live your life.

Images are from Unsplash.

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