Lip Care – Tips and Tricks (53/365)

With the rise of matt lipsticks, lip fillers and an overall obsession with lip care it’s really important to ensure that you don’t reveal your dry cracked lips to the world. As someone who not only suffers from dry lips but has fairly sized ones as well I’ve basically spent a lot of time fighting the crust and have developed a lot of helpful tips as a result.

First and foremost is to ditch petroleum lip balms/treatments. I know giving up vaseline is heartbreaking to many, but in my experience using petroleum-based products dries out your lips. I prefer to go with cocoa/shea butter based lip balms instead and it is life changing.

If your lips are super dry, it’s best to also incorporate a lip treatment every other night. Some brands have lip conditioners, masks and even oils. They tend to help maintain the overall moisture and it’s always nice to give yourself a treat.

As much as everyone loves sugar lip scrubs, I personally find that they don’t help remove any dead skin cells. So instead I like to use a cloth or even my towel as an exfoliator. All you need to do is add some water to the tower and scrub your lips. It takes less than one minute and works well at removing the crust.

My last tip is to find a way to stop licking your lips. Saliva is there to break down food and every time you lick your lips you’re basically drying them out and irritating them. I personally wear lipsticks when I’m outside as a way of preventing this, but keeping a good lip balm on you at all times should also help.

Image used is from Unsplash.

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