What Being a Weeb in School Taught Me (54/365)

In case you haven’t already guessed I am very into anime. This also isn’t a new thing, I’ve been into it since I was young and would stay up to watch Dragonball Z and Cardcaptors. I only fell further down the rabbit hole when Cardcaptors didn’t fully finish airing in the UK, so I found the Japanese episodes and then I was exposed to the wider anime world.

As much as anime gets looked down on, being an avid fan at school taught me some weird skills and honestly, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it.

Firstly it teaches you some serious time management skills. I can’t tell you how tiring it is when you’ve watched 20+ episodes and still need to find the time to revise for exams or do coursework. This skill is gained through a lot of trial and error, to begin with, but when you finally master it you really do learn how to plan your time and this does help out a lot in the future.

I wouldn’t have survived university without knowing how to cram a lot of information in 5 hours as I spent most of my first year being a serial procrastinator.

Being a weeb in school also helped me develop a thick skin as believe it or not – it wasn’t seen as a cool thing to be into. I never got bullied specifically for this thank the lord, but there was a lot of teasing and being made fun of. So you learn to own what you’re into and be comfortable in your own personality.

Lastly being a weeb taught me how to find other weebs, be shameless and form mini-communities wherever I go. I haven’t been to a school, university or workplace without finding other weebs and honestly, it’s fun to find them. Especially when you consider that people who are fans of anime and manga tend to have a lot of passion for it.

So don’t be afraid of being a weeb, embrace it. Unless you fetishise Japanese culture – then seek help.

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