Skin Care Tips and Tricks (57/365)

Skin care is something that is super personal and to be perfectly honest – every skin type is different. What works for you may not work for other people so keep that in mind when you research every single new trend and supposed skincare saviour.

I wouldn’t say I have amazing skin on any level, it’s oily and dry combination, it scars, I break out a lot and sometimes some cheeky texture appears every now and then. However, I’ve learnt to find routines and products that keep my skin at bay so it behaves every now and then.

I’d like to preface this with the fact that I’m not a professional, so please go to one if you do deal with certain skin conditions.

My first tip is to ditch harsh products. Regardless of whether your skin is sensitive or not, using loads of harsh chemicals and products will mess with the PH of your skin. If you’re not balancing everything out that tends to be when breakouts and skin flare-ups tend to happen.

Now, this doesn’t mean go completely organic and spend your life savings on natural products, but just pay attention to the products and keep a note of what breaks you out. Thankfully loads of drugstore companies are offering gentler ranges in their skin care, so don’t feel pressure to spend a lot of money!

Drink water, just do it. I know everyone says this, but honestly, it helps. Also, your body is mainly water, so it makes sense to keep hydrated. I’m not sure of an exact amount of water that we should all be drinking because scientists keep changing the amount. But try to drink at least 1.5 – 2 litres a day and remember if you’re feeling thirsty you’re already dehydrated!

When applying skin care go from the lightest consistency to the thickest. So after cleansing uses toner or essence next, then serums, then moisturisers and finish it off with an oil – oils seal moisture instead of adding moisture. Sometimes just knowing what order to use your products can save your skin from having a freakout.

Also, don’t feel pressured into having an 80 step skin-care routine, I know a lot of people who use loads of skin-care and loads of use the bare minimum, and they all have fantastic skin. So just cater it to what your skin likes, if you want to experiment, just do your research beforehand.

Do not over exfoliate your skin, please. Just don’t. Put it away if you’ve already used that scrub twice this week. I try to only use scrubs once a week and honestly using it any more than that can really irritate your skin. So less is more!

My last tip is my personal holy grail – moisturise your skin! I don’t care if you have oily skin, it still needs moisture. Oily skin tends to be dry beneath the surface which is why our skin produces oils, so don’t be afraid to hydrate it!

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