Why We Need International Women’s Day (60/365)

The issue of women globally has always been controversial, feminists are labelled as ‘feminazis’ and are mistreated as a whole. You’d think issues like women’s rights wouldn’t even be debated but some still insist on keeping the status quo.

International Women’s Day gives us the chance to celebrate the history and achievements of women across the globe in this tough time. I will admit 2018 was a great year for women to make waves and historic achievements like childbrides being made illegal and women taking over Congress. There is, however, still more work to be done.

It’s important to take into account that women are still doing the first of things, like being the first scientist, or achieving something amazing when in reality we strive to build a world where it is the norm. Where a woman achieving something will be named as opposed to having her gender highlighted. By being the ‘first woman’ to do something, it shows that there are still barriers against a whole gender, so it’s important to highlight and celebrate women’s achievements worldwide.

Personally, I’ve witnessed the managers and higher-ups in corporate workplaces still being dominated by white men coming from a middle-class background, and very rarely they’ll include a token ethnic or woman, so on a domestic level work definitely needs to be done.

Globally women are still being held back from different cultures and systems, both in the workplace and in their own homes. Women are being sold, made to be child brides and are raised to be caretakers as opposed to being self-sufficient. It’s truly alarming how early on women are socialised into these behaviours and somewhat scary when you think about how it impacts how these young girls behave when they grow up.

Essentially we’re all striving to build a world where everyone has the same rights and opportunities, and it’s also important to acknowledge today’s achievements as well as past achievements. As women have been changing the world for centuries, but it has been erased and swept under the rug.

One thing I want to do for this blog is to highlight women’s achievements for the month of March, in order to educate my readers, but also to give a platform so their achievements aren’t forgotten.

International Women’s Day is March 8th – mark the date 🙂

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