The Lies Curly Hair Bloggers Tell Us (63/365)

Since going natural at the end of 2013 I have watched a lot of curly hair bloggers, and for the most part, they’re honestly doing God’s work and helping us out. Especially when you consider that most of us embrace our natural hair and have no idea how to style, wash or even sleep in it.

However, like most things, with the good comes the bad – and the bad is horrific. It’s usually based in the lies they tell us to peddle certain products or methods that take 10, 000 years to achieve. There are many YouTubers out there exposing these facts, and some are even professional hair stylists themselves, but here’s my point of view on it all that has been gained through a lot of experience.

The first lie a lot of them try to push is that you need a million products or even ridiculously expensive products. This is usually due to a lot of paid sponsorships and everyone has bills to pay, but honestly, a lot of girls and boys watching these videos will go out and buy every single product. This is mainly because we’ve been deprived of having curly hair knowledge from a young age, so we choose to believe these guru’s who have the hair we want.

The next lie is that you can get rid of frizz completely. You can’t, honestly, just stop trying to do this, you’ll end up in a lot of pain from being angry at your hair. Curly hair textures tend to be drier because of the way it grows out of our scalps and how our natural oils can’t reach the ends of our hair. When you combine this with other factors like your diet or even the weather where you live, it’s hard to prevent your hair from losing moisture. So I personally focus on reducing frizz, but getting rid of it completely is impossible.

I honestly don’t know where people got the idea of needing protein treatments to maintain healthy hair from, but you don’t. In some cases using those treatments make your hair worse, so please stop.

As much as I know people want to believe that your curly hair type defines how you look after your hair, it really doesn’t. Whether you’re a type 3 or a type 4, you will have to cater your routine to your own personal hair. This is mainly because you have to take into account that even though two people might have the same hair texture/curl type, they might have different scalp types. I personally have a very dry scalp so I would not be able to survive the aggressive scalp rubbing that some type three girls do, or even follow a lot of their routines.

Last but not least, there’s no miracle way to grow inches. Stop tying the inversion method or rice water method and expecting inches to grow in a week. Curly hair doesn’t grow any slower than straight hair, to begin with, we just have to wait a while to see the length and have a higher risk of breakage. I don’t know how the idea of flipping your head upside would somehow grow an inch of hair in a week came from, but stop it. It doesn’t work!

Take into account that hair health is more than just the hair, it’s your scalp and ultimately your inner health as well. I know it’s easy to get caught into the trends that multiple hair influencers endorse, but all a lie. Just focus on what works for you, and have fun with it.

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