Why Aren’t We Talking About The Concentration Camps In China? (65/365)

Growing up it’s a right of passage to learn about World War 2, as it’s important to understand that something that horrific can never happen again. We were taught about Hitlers warped belief system, the horrors of the time period and concentration camps with the hope that it would engrain into the thought of these acts as being horrific to everyone. So why is it that it’s happening again, and there’s a scary level of silence around the situation.

Yes you read that right, Uighur muslims are being sent to ‘reeducation’ centres and no one is talking about it. For those who don’t know Uighur muslims are ethnically Turkish and there’s around 11 million of them residing in western China.

Muslims in the region of Xinjiang are experiencing a modern day attempt at ethnic, cultural and religious cleansing.

BBC Newsnight had the chance to speak to some prisoners who managed to escape, Omir, an escapee said:

“They wouldn’t let me sleep, they would hang me up for hours and would beat me. They had thick wooden and rubber batons, whips made from twisted wire, needles to pierce the skin, pliers for pulling out the nails. All these tools were displayed on the table in front of me, ready to use at any time. And I could hear other people screaming as well.”

Although countries are openly criticising their actions, it isn’t enough to stop the horrors that are happening every day to those suffering in the camps.

Bloggers have taken to social media to try and highlight the situation that is happening, but more needs to be done. Everyone needs to be aware that this is happening, and that China are essentially placing muslims in concentration camps designed to beat, torture and force them into assimilation.

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