How To Celebrate International Women’s Day (67/365)

Happy international women’s day!!!!!

Although we’re living in a world where great strides have been made, it’s always important to remember how more needs to be done. That’s why we have the day to celebrate women and their achievements.

Go to an International Women’s Day talk!

Going to talks can be fun and you can actually learn a lot. I’d highly recommend them, they’re not as cringey as you’d expect. In some cases you can even make friends and build a network of people.

Create a social event at work/school!

This could start with raising awareness about the actual day, and then organising an event tailored to focusing on IWD. It could be anything from a group lunch to a bake sale – just spread awareness and don’t forget to have fun.

Spend time learning about women’s history by reading a book or browsing the internet!

It’s always important to remember that history is written by the winner, so a lot of what we believe are male achievements are actually women’s. So stay up to date with all the relevant history and this can even become fun.

Spread the positive vibes to other women!

Yes, spreading positive vibes is also a way to celebrate the day, and most importantly it’s free.

Sign up to women focused newsletters!

Newsletters are so interesting, you’d think it would cause clutter in your inbox, but instead it’s a really valuable source of information.

Compliment everyone!

Like spreading positive vibes, complimenting people is an easy way to have fun with the day.

Get other women to wear purple for the day!

The colour for the day is purple, so wearing it can help form a camaraderie and get people asking questions!

Most importantly just celebrate it however you want. Don’t feel pressured into doing specific activities to prove how ‘pro-women’ you are.

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