The 5 Stages of Being Kpop Trash (68/365)

Kpop is a genre of music that went from being incredibly niche to blowing up worldwide. I remember when only a select few were even aware that the music existed, let alone were able to name the bands. I guess we can thank BTS and Black Pink for breaking into the western music sphere and showing the world that music can be different.

Now, despite being aware of the genre since EXO debuted, I never actually listened to Kpop actively. My decision to stay away was mainly because I had too many obsessions and I wouldn’t have passed school, college or uni if I added this to my long list of obsessions. I even gave up anime and manga for a bit, so that’s how committed I was to my studies.

Recently, however I’ve finally accepted the inevitable outcome of being a Kpop fan and honestly it’s not bad. It was also going to happen because a lot of my friends are Kpop stans. Thanks to this, I’m now aware of the steps to being a Kpop fan, and then moving from a fan to trash. So here’s a step by step guide to how you become Kpop trash!

1. Someone introduces you to a song from a band

At this point you’re just listening to the song, you may even enjoy it. You’re innocent and unaware of the fact that this is the gateway to hell. In some cases you might even add the song to a playlist and listen to more songs from this band/soloist.

2. Having a bias

You probably won’t even know that having a bias is a term in the community, but you’ll essentially love the band/soloist. Listen to all of their songs and find those hidden gems they’ve created. At this point you’ll also watch a few cheeky live performances thinking this is just an innocent appreciation of their music.

3. Listening to other bands/soloists

Now this could happen before having a bias, but in all honesty once you start liking more bands and singers you’re in the hole. You’ll find that groups tend to have different concepts so it’s hard to get bored.

You’ll also be following playlists at this stage to find more music, maybe watch a few music videos and really start to understand the Kpop landscape.

4. Watching variety shows and interviews with your bias

Once you’ve reached this step you’re doomed. Everyones love for their bias intensifies once they seem them outside of the music realm. Idols are trained and taught how to be interesting and captivating outside of music, so you’re screwed. You’re also 100% trash once you’ve reached this point.

5. Accepting your fate and finding others

Once you accept your fate you’ll find others who are also in the same hell hole and you’ll love it. Social media helps a lot since you can find out the latest news, interviews and variety show appearances. If your bias has social media accounts you’ll follow them all, maybe even watch a live stream of them and eagerly wait for english subtitles.

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