When People Say Racism Isn’t a Thing Anymore (76/365)

It’s 2019, and as much as I want to belive the world is getting better and making waves to end discrimination, it’s not. We’ve got a long way to go, especially with the recent terrorist attack in New Zealand where a monster gunned down 49 muslims and live streamed the massacre. You can’t say we’re living in an age of freedom.

The attacker wasn’t labeled a terrorist, or even a monster by national news outlets. He was just seen as a human, and that is because of white priveledge. At the end of the day, when the attacker is brown or black, they are seen as monsters and terrorists, but when the attacker is white they’re seen as poor souls who need to be helped. So it disgusts me when people (mainly white people) act like we’re living in a post racial, post discriminatory utopia when that’s not the case.

When you say racism isn’t a thing anymore you’re doing more than just making a statement you’re hiding the underlining issues. You’re erasing our day to day fears and lived experiences. You essentially become part of the problem, since turning a blind eye and lying to yourself is a means to allow this broken system to continue. By doing so, you’re also allowing more and more people to pick up the disgusting racist rhetoric and creating a passive atmosphere that breeds murder.

It may seem like a stretch, but for everytime you allow someone to blame a race or religion for bad events, you then feed that beleif. That beleif then spreads, and someone in that group will take arms and end lives. So please, lets just face the facts – racism is still a thing. Discrimination is still a thing, and we all need to do better and fight against.

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