Dumb Question You Hear As a Curly Haired Girl (77/365)

When you have hair that isn’t straight or even wavey you tend to get weird looks, people trying to touch it and honestly just a lot of questions on how to deal with it. In all honesty, a lot of the questions aren’t bad or even offensive – it’s just curiosity, but some questions are just stupid.

Do you wash your hair?

This one always throws me off, because everyone needs to wash their hair, but I think they just assume curly and coily haired people never wash it. The thing is we don’t need to wash/shampoo our hair as often as straight haired people – but that doesn’t mean it’s dirty. Thanks to our hair shape, the oils in our scalp never really reach the ends of our hair. So we don’t deal with greasy hair.

Is your hair real?

Yes susan, my hair is real. This one grinds my gears purely because it’s a weird one. I don’t go around asking every straight haired girl with extensions if their hair is real, so why is it ok to ask me so bluntly. I don’t even wear wigs or weaves but I find this question so odd.

How do you get it so curly?

I wash it and dry it, and it comes out curly – there’s no way to answer this question without coming across rude. I get if someone asked how I maintain my hair, or style it, but the whole ‘how is it curly’ thing is just annoying. It’s genetics, that’s it.

How do you brush it?

Now, before 2016 I get why this question was so popular because I never even knew how to detangle my hair without ruining my curls. But in 2019, really? Go on the internet, I clearly don’t brush it when it’s dry.

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