Skin Care Hacks On a Budget (78/365)

As much as we want to buy those £50+ serums, toners and spot treatments, sometimes it’s not worth breaking the bank since everyone needs to eat. Being a broke student and even being a cheap teenager helped me learn a lot of skin care hacks for anyone who doesn’t want to splurge. So here are my top tips!

Use Olive Oil as a makeup remover (use a cleanser afterwards though)

Cleansing oils are all the range these days, but a lot of them are super pricey, and for something that literally just needs to remove makeup it’s not worth the investment if you can’t afford it. I know some people say to use coconut oil – but don’t. Just stop, it clogs your pores. Instead opt for olive oil as it won’t clog your pores and will leave your skin makeup free.

Sudocreme is a great spot treatment

Before I found out about the Mario Badescu spot treatment, sudocreme was my MVP. Yes that cream we use on nappy rashes and burns is great for spots because it has antibacterial properties that will kill the spot before it becomes active. Like every spot treatment – it’s about timing, use it as the spot is appearing and it’ll work wonders.

DIY your face oils

As much as we all love a good fancy oil blend, making your own saves a lot of money and time. Just target it to your skin needs and make sure to use a non clogging carrier oil. My personal faves are rose hip oil, avocado oil and sweet almond oil. The just use a few drops of an essential oil and it’s good to go.

I still do this to be perfectly honest, for my face oils, hair oils and scalp oils. I don’t really see any extra benefits from preblended oils since you don’t have any control over the concentrations of certain oils.

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