You Don’t Need To Spend 3 Hours Washing Your Hair! (83/365)

Dear natural hair gurus,

I know that you’re doing your best and you want to help curly haired people enjoy their natural hair texture and get as much moisture as possible, but 3 hour long wash days are ruining peoples days. It’s uneccessary and basically a massive waste of time.

Before I get streams of hatred, hear me out. So a lot of the time is spent using pre-poos and various other treatments, which I get tend to be nice and really help our thirsty hair strands. But spending hours on the pre-poo stage is just ridiculous, and because of this people are too scared to embrace their curls because they think it’s hard work – when it’s not.

By the time you girls and boys actually get in the bath/shower you then expect us to spend 20 minutes detangling, which is stupid. Sorrynotstorry, but honestly I get the benefits of finger detangling but you shouldn’t spend your whole life doing it. The pursuit to maintain hair length goes a little too far if you’ve spent an hour trying to avoid hair knots. If your hair is knotting that much you probably need a trim.

So stop telling people brushes and hair combs are scary, they save so much time and even some people with hair down to their buts use them. Just make sure it’s a wide tooth comb, and you’re good to go. Also maybe don’t rip through your hair.

Now the actual wash shouldn’t take hours, even once you’re done detangling. Just use shampoo, and then put conditioner in, then proceed to wash your body and shave, and by then the conditioner has had enough time to soak in and do its job.

Once you’re done put your products in, moisturise and you should be good to go. I know a lot of you air dry your hair, and I understand it’s healthier and better for your hair health, but not everyone has 4-5 hours to spend dedicated to drying your hair. Just use a hair dryer every now and then, and thank me later for the hours you now have to do other things.

I know ultimately, it’s not that deep, but it really pisses me off that people think curly/coily hair textures are hard work, when really we just follow different rules. We only need to shampoo our hair like once a week, so there’s no point making that one time take forever, unless you enjoy it.

Yours sincerely,

A lazy curly girl.

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