Falling Out Of Love With Attack On Titan (85/365)

Attack On Titan took over the anime world from 2013 onwards. The concept mesmorised people as it was dark and having humans experience their own predators created a lot of fear amongst those watching. You never knew who was going to survive, and how everything was going to play out. Let’s also not forget how amazing the animation is, it’s stunning.

AOT was something I personally took my time getting into, because I was in university when it first aired and I already knew I would become obsessed once I started watching it. Two years after it aired I finally bit the bullet and entered the crazy world, I watched the anime in days and started reading the manga immediately. I couldn’t wait for the anime to come back and I wanted to know what was in the basement. I started reading the manga when the battle of shiganshina was beginning so I still had to wait to see how everything would unfold and it was a wild ride.

Recently though, things have started getting a bit to meta for my liking. I love a good anime/manga series that goes deep with their concepts, but when it starts doing a ‘Tsubasa Chronicle’ and goes too deep and has little follow through, then I start to lose interest. That happened in the most recent chapter, and honestly I can’t even stan the series anymore. I do love it, but it’s getting ridiculous. Stop writing characters in, and making them have plot armour that’s so strong it defies the logic of the universe you’ve created.

Yes I’m mad about the Zeke and Levi confrontation, it’s ridiculous. I’m still going to read the manga and watch the anime when it returns, but I’ve honestly fallen out of love with the series and it’s now just another series that has fallen in quality.

4 thoughts on “Falling Out Of Love With Attack On Titan (85/365)

  1. Got halfway through before I had to stop cause of the potential spoilers lol. I haven’t watched AOT, but I’ve had a lot of folks recommend it… Might have to give it a try now!


  2. Im totally with you there. I can relate with what you are saying, i also loved the series at be beginning but after a while it just got too much, and i feel like it it just went another direction then what i expected.

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