Dear White people.. (87/365)

A post inspired by the film and TV series Dear White people.

Dear White People,

Stop trying to touch my hair, it make me feel like an exotic animal and honestly it comes from a place of fetishism. I never mind when people ask to touch it, but unsolicited touching is a no no.

Dear White people, I know you want to believe that racism is gone, but it’s not, it’s still alive. When you use ‘the past was worse’ as an example, not only do you look ignorant, but you’re also erasing what we’re experiencing today.

Dear White people, black face is never ok. Stop doing it.

Dear White people, can you stop wearing our culture’s like a costume please? It’s one thing to wear our clothes out of respect, but when you wear it as a Halloween costume or as an accessory to look urban or cultured, you’re making us out to be less than you, and it’s disrespectful.

Dear White people, your privilege is real, accept it and stop drying to drown me in your white guilt.

Dear White people, just because you weren’t called out for making an offensive joke, doesn’t mean no one in the room was offended. They either were afraid to call you out or didn’t have the energy to do it.

Thank you for reading my Ted Talk, it was written whilst waiting for a train.

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