My Favourite Baccano Quotes! (88/365)

Baccano is a weird and wonderful anime, it makes no sense to begin with, and then slowly consumes your soul. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it purely because it’s different and every character has their own unique quirk.

So naturally I’ve compiled all my favourite Baccano quotes into one post!

“Wasn’t he just dead a minute ago?”

“You can throw your knife at me if you want, but you’ll never hit me!”

“The Rail Tracer eats bad children, right? The Rail Tracer must have realized after eating Czes, that he is actually a good little boy, and he came back to return the parts he had eaten!”

“The times when you want to cry are when you have to try your hardest. That’s why I decided I’ll cry in general. Then, when I have to shed tears for a time when I really want to cry, my tears would have run dry.”


“Thank you! Fuck you! A villain has arrived!”

“Depending on your request, whether I will laugh or get angry, that will decide your lifespan, boy”

“Tedium is such a crime, it takes the limited amount of time that is given to man, and rather than spending it in indolence or drowning it in pleasure, it just sits there: sucking, eating it up. I can’t put up with that, tedium is a crime! Death to tedium! Die!”

“Let me tell you an incomprehensible story! What is it for the actions of men to be incomprehensible? It would seem to me that if it can’t be comprehended one should not even bother trying. It is useless to even think about it, I think. That said, I don’t know exactly what’s going on but may we continue fighting please?”

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