The 5 Stages of Freaking Out During Sleep Paralysis (89/365)

If you don’t know what sleep paralysis is, I honestly hope you never experience it, because it is terrifying. It happens when you wake up, but your body is still asleep – it’s usually followed with many freakouts and feeling a weird pressure on your body.

Thanks to this phenomenon being so weird, it’s usually followed with a very specific type of freakout. Whether you believe it’s science, demons, spirits or just glitches in the matrix, we can all agree it’s not a fun experience.

1 – The ‘WTF’ moment

Initially you’re honestly just wondering what the fuck is actually happening. You’re awake, but not really. You can process thoughts, emotions, but you can’t speak or move. So the first instinct is just confusion.

2 – The fear kicks in

Like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter what you believe the root cause is, you’ll be scared. Especially if it’s your first time since you can’t move. Paralysis is scary,!

3 – You try to move and fail miserably

We all try this, and we all fail. When you first try to move it doesn’t work, and sometimes it’s a bloody fight to get to that point where you snap out of it.

4 – You try to talk/scream

This can either happen before or after step three, but this happens to everyone at some point. I don’t know why, but we just think to speak instead of just figure out what is happening. Personally, I’ve had this happen enough times to know what to do, but the first batch of sleep paralysis episodes were a nightmare. In this attempt to speak you’re probably also mentally saying all your prayers and everything that you’re taught to get rid of bad energy.

5 – You either snap out of it through force or go back to sleep

So sleep paralysis ends one of two ways. You either fight it and gather the strength to move. My top tip is to focus all your energy on your pinky finger, because once you move that, your body will snap out of it. The other way is to just go back to sleep, which a lot of us also do. I have had many nights where sleep paralysis has occured, and I got annoyed and went back to sleep.

Overall, sleep paralysis is a grim experience, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But these are the extremely generalised 5 steps you’ll probably go through if/when it happens to you, so enjoy!

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