Moisturising is NOT Optional (91/365)

It was the year 2018, Tatti had come out with those controversial pills that caused a lot of people to lose the tits. Thanks to this, I went on a video journey watching real people try them out and I found the video, the one that opened my eyes to this issue. She reviewed the pills and after using it for a week she spoke about how soft her skin was, even though she doesn’t moisturise her body. Then it hit me, people think moisturising is optional.

I was shook. Shook to my inner core. People live a life where they skip out on moisturiser and honestly that scared me. As someone whos body skin is dry as a desert, but my face is oily combination, I spend a lot of my time moisturising EVERYWHERE. I have to fight the ash, and fight the oils on my face. Believe it or not, oily skin is dry, it’s just so dry the skin overproduces oils to counteract it.

MOISTURISING IS NOT OPTIONAL PEOPLE. You can’t complain about wrinkles, or spots, or itchy skin and then say in the same breath that you don’t moisturise your skin. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it needs a lot of love.

Please, do yourself a favour, use some lotion, or some oils. Just help your skin out, you’ll thank me in a few years.

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