The Lies We’re Taught as Children That Truly Hurt! (97/365)

Lies are things that we throw around all the time, especially to young children. We tell them about ghosts, and elaborate tales on how childbirth happens, and in most cases the lies are just to protect their innocence. However, some lies are just rude, and they hurt. So here’s a list of the MANY lies we’re taught that are just offensive.

Acne/spots are only for teenagers.

This one hurts, like really hurts, because we’re taught as teenagers that spots or acne will only last until we’re twenty. That lie helps us get through it because it gives your skin issues a cell by date, but that isn’t the case. Your skin problems tend to go into your adult years unless you find the miracle cure/product or are superwoman.

That you ‘find yourself’ in university.

I can’t really define the concept of finding yourself, but there’s this terribly cliched school of thought that you’ll find where you truly belong in university. That you’ll find your passion, your dream job and even love, and to be blatantly honest it’s all a lie. You can definitely find all of these things if you’re lucky, but it takes a lot of hard work and hunting, nothing is handed to you.

That at some point in your twenties you’ll have your whole life figured out.

This is definitely a lie told to us by baby boomers, and it’s not even their fault since they lived a life that was free of all the modern day challenges. There are people in their twenties who do have life figured out, but don’t feel down if you’re not one of them.

Boys will be boys.

Remember whenever a boy hit you and your teacher/parent laughed saying ‘boys will be boys’. Well those boys are little shits, and this school of thought breeds predators and entitled men. Boys will be boys is a harmful lie that needs to stop since you’re rewarding boys for violent behaviours, and they’ll take that into their adulthood.

You should be afraid to fail/failiure is the worst outcome.

If you never fail at anything you won’t learn anything. The concept of failiure being bad is something that’s drilled into our heads from an early age thanks to school and honestly it’s damaging as hell. Sometimes you have to fail, because then you can try again, do better and learn from your mistakes. People who don’t make mistakes never grow.

Your mom/dad know best.

Your parents are human, and sadly don’t always know whats best for you and your life. As a child we see them as superheroes, but growing up, the glass shatters and you realise that they’re just as flawed as everyone else.

Money doesn’t matter.

Money does matter, it just does. It’s how we sustain our lifestyles, eat food and keep shelter. I know there are people who believe that material wealth isn’t worth losing your happiness, and those people have never been broke. Money matters, that’s literally how we survive our capitalist system.

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