Jameela Jamil is a Queen (98/365)

I was first introduced to Jameela Jamil through ‘The Good Place’ and thought, ‘wow she’s a great actress’, we do generally have a need for more positive and different South Asian representation. Then I saw her social media presence and honestly she’s an inspiration, she tweets and posts like she’s not famous, and exposes everyone and everything. I am 100% here for her content, and she’s an inspiration.

She’s honestly the kind of body positivity celebrity that we need, since a lot of celebs are saying things, but no one is as savage and as truthful as Jameela has been. One of the reasons I admire her so much is purely because she just says what we’re all thinking.

She’s someone who has a history of struggling with eating disorders and that’s one of the reasons she’s so passionate about exposing how the media enforces a severely toxic idea on how our bodies should look. She started the #IWeigh campaign, which focuses on how our weight is not an indication of health.

She’s also known for exposing the influencer-celebrity endorsed weight loss products like those detox teas, and really calls them for the bullshit that they are. Celebrities have meal plans, personal trainers and so much additional help, there’s no way tea is the reason for their weight loss.

“I am encouraging women to stop thinking about their bodies for one minute, and think about their achievements, think about their lives, think about their dreams, and their goals, and their happiness,” she says. “And how to grow that rather than just shrink themselves.”

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