So Are We Just Ignoring Ariana Grande’s Blackfishing? (99/365)

Ariana Grande is a well loved star, she can sing, dance and do a lot. Although I may not be her biggest fan, I can appreciate that she does release some banging songs. There’s one thing that I do have an issue with, and it’s how she’s suddenly gotten suspiciously darker, alongside her style looking a lot like many other black artists out there. She’s basically been trying to look as stereotypically black as physically possible, but the thing is, she isn’t black.

Blackfishing is something that was exposed last year and honestly it’s still weird to me that it even happens. The tab defines this as ‘an act commonly perpetrated by white women to appear of African or Arab ancestry’.

Swedish Instagram models were revealed to be white, when they did everything in their power to look black, and that was just because our fashion and looks are deemed as ‘fashionable’ right now. It’s a whole different level to blackface which is derogatory and insulting, blackfishing is appropriating and stealing our look, without our experiences.

At some points her fake tan has been so strong, she’s been darker than Niki Minaj, and that’s probably when people started to notice. It’s not like she’s a naturally bronzed woman, and a lot of us have watched her grow up so we know what her real shade is. Her PR team probably saw black culture growing and being seen in a more positive light and wanted to exploit it for all its worth. Since her vogue appearances reflect a lighter more caucasian look, but in music she blacks it up to the extreme.

She’s also made fun of the Latin community as well, so no one is safe. She joked about having a quinceañera during her Woman of the Year award speech, but she’s a white woman.

I’ll leave you with a before and after comparison, with her actual skin tone and her new blackfishing look.

3 thoughts on “So Are We Just Ignoring Ariana Grande’s Blackfishing? (99/365)

  1. It’s getting ridiculous! I called her out on it too and a few of my friends came for me for it smh.


      1. I had to get them hip. They were more so triggered I made her the feature photo and the piece is called Culture Vultures 😂

        Liked by 1 person

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