Skincare is a Form of Self Care (104/365)

I never used to care a lot about skin care routines, I’d use cleansers rarely, sleep in makeup and honestly to wing it. If I ever tried, I didn’t know a lot so I ended up using harsh exfoliants and expect miracle like results, it was only in the recent years as I’ve gotten older that I really have focused on my skin care. It’s not only helped with my skin, but it’s also helped my mental health and sleeping pattern as well. There’s something about spending a dedictaed amount of time to yourself that really helps a lot, so I’d highly recommend in having a skincare routine.

I noticed it helped a lot with my mental health when I was starting to feel more positive after moisturising – I know it sounds weird. I’d even get the face masks and sheet masks out and it would feel like a spa day – which in turn helps the mood a lot. I think it’s also because skin care is usually done without any distractions – so there’s no laptops, internet or social media out. You dedicate that time as if it’s a form of meditation.

As someone who struggles in having a regular night time routine, a skin care regimen has helped a ton! It must be a psychological thing, because once I’ve done my night time skincare, my body now knows that I’m ready to sleep soon. I went from not being able to sleep at night, to sleeping at regular times. It’s almost like the turn of a switch, but I’m very thankful for this.

Naturally, being able to sleep means that my mental health has the chance to actually improve. I don’t know the science behind it, but it must be similar to pampering sessions, spa days and even massages. All these acts make you feel better because it’s time dedicated to your health in one way or another. So give yourself time to have your own form of ritual that improves your health in one way or another. 🙂

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