Please Don’t Spoil Things… (108/365)

Thanks to the digital age, we stream shows like we’ve never done before. There was once a time where we had to wait until a certain time to watch out shows, but now everythings available at the click of a finger – when you add social media to the mix, then being left out of the loop can mean that you end up having a show/movie spoiled before you even get the chance to watch it.

Now I know some people don’t mind spoilers, but for the rest of us, it’s bloody annoying. Especially when loads of new shows, or long running shows have released their episodes: believe it or not, we don’t want to know what’s going to happen before watching it.

Game of Thrones season 8 has finally come out and the threat of spoilers are everywhere, whether you choose a legal means to watch it or not, everyones talking about it, and it’s truly annoying having things spoiled before you watch it. Especially when you really like the show. We want to experience the twists and turns in the plots naturally without warning, so discussing it everywhere online, or even in person loudly is just ruining everything for someone else.

Obviously GOT is a generic example, but now I’m in the world of work I realised that I’d have to worry about hearing spoilers before I got the chance to watch each episode. The same thing happened with one person I worked with who was looking forward to the most recent Star Wars film. He sadly had the whole plot spoiled for him and lost out on the natural experience.

My sister knew someone who would happily spoil everything for people, and looked forward to ruining their experience – I told her to put this person in a bin, but by the time she told me that story she’d already cut the person out of her life. You’d think spoilers aren’t that deep, but they honestly are. Shows and movies are a form of story telling, don’t ruin the story.

TLDR: So don’t be that person who willingly spoils a show or a movie – if you’re someone who takes joy in this you’re an actual dickhead. 🙂

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