Skincare Tips – Rude Addition (110/365)

So we all love to practice a little bit of skin care these days, and everyone has loads of tips and tricks. Some even claim to have the secrets to acheiving perfect skin, and others do up to 10 steps of layered skin care – but some of ya’ll really do skip on the basics. We could be nice about it – but these basics can not be slept on.

Clean your fucking pillow cases

I don’t care if you spend all of your money on the most expensive skin care available, if you don’t regularly change your pillow cases your skin will break out. Think about it – we sleep for roughly 8 hours a day – that’s a long time for bacteria to collect. If you don’t regularly change it, your basically sleeping in your own mess. That’s why you’ll still breakout even if you use the best skin care.

Drink some damn water

Your body is 70% water, you need to drink water, not coffee, not juice, but pure water. End of. There are no exceptions, stay hydrated and you’ll see some amazing results!

Don’t over exfoliate your skin!

I know using exfoliants can make you feel like a fancy bitch, but using them more than twice a week is too much. The purpose of exfoliators is to remove the excess skin, not your actual skin. Leave your skin alone otherwise it’ll end up freaking the fuck out.

Moisturise your damn skin

I don’t care if you’re oily, dry or both, moisturise your damn skin. If you’re dry skinned, then YOU KNOW you need it. If your skin is oily, your skin is so damn dry its producing oils. So moisturise it and thank me later.

Stop hopping on every singly fucking bandwagon

I understand some skin care trips that get spread across the internet are fantastic, and honestly we’ve all been guilty of trying every new tip an influencer tells us about – but some of them will fuck your skin up. I don’t know why people are putting baking soda on their face, and then are surprised when it fucks you up.

Some DIY’s are fabulous, but some are dangerous. The natural PH of your skin is aroud 5.5, which means we’re all slightly acidic. The PH of baking soda is 9, which is alkaline, which means your skin is freaking the fuck out. Everytime you’re tempted to try a new trick – google it, google the ingredients and just spend an extra 10 minutes researching the supposed benefits of the tip. 🙂


The way your skin looks is a wonderful and hectic mixture of what happens to it externally and internally. It relies on what you eat, what you drink, how your hormones are and so on and so forth. There is no miracle cure that will somehow override all of these factors.

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