I Can’t Stand ASMR (111/365)

In the past 5 years ASMR has really blown up in popularity, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know what it means or what it entails. Every Youtuber has atleast one video of them doing ASRM, and it even creeps up in memes. The fact that it has become so popular is one of the banes of my existance, as I’m one of the few people who honestly can’t stand it.

For those who live under a rock ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response, so in baby language it’s those videos of people crunching food, tapping things, crumpling things and so on. The weird thing is this type of noise is supposed to create a calming and soothing sensation. For me however it feels like my nerves are being violated, not attacked or hurt, just violated.

I think it’s to do with that feeling down the spine that people either love or hate. If you’ve ever tried using those weird pronged head massagers, you know exactly what I mean.

For the most part ASMR videos are their own genre, and I honestly don’t care about it as long as I’m not listening to it. But one thing that’s started happening is that EVERYONE does an ASMR video, or sneaks in ASMR noises in their videos and it’s just frustrating. Especially when someone doesn’t upload frequently, and they usually do a specific type of content – I usually come for their normal content not ASMR.

I know this is a really random rant, but ASMR just evoques a specially level of petty rage. It’s obviously a first world problem, and there are more serious issues out there, but ASMR just feels awful and disgusting, and I don’t know why people enjoy that sensation.

I did a poll a while ago on my Instagram and found that more of my followers liked ASMR then hated it, and I was baffled.

TLDR: ASMR makes me feel icky and this is my childish rant about it 🙂

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