Why We’re Pissed Off About How Billionaires are Donating To The Notre Dame (113/365)

Last week the historical landmark, the Notre Dame went up in flames and the billionaires of the world went nuts. They pooled in their resources and were determined to get the cathedral fixed – so why are people pissed off about this? It’s a historically important building, with so much culture right? Well.. so are all the other buildings going up in flames everyday due to war and bombings, but all the billionaires are suspiciously silent when it’s happening in the Middle East or Africa, or when poor people are in trouble.

Thomas Pieters has now deleted the tweet

Kids are literally starving to death, have no clean water, have no homes, and they receive radio silence from those that can help. The reason people are pissed off by the 1%’s reaction to Notre Dame, is because they don’t give a damn about everyone else. They care more about a building than using their resources to help the world.

Let’s take into account that poverty is a real issue across the globe, homelessness has risen in all of the first world countries, children are living off of food stamps. There are whole states without clean water in America alone, and the billionaires do nothing. Churches and Mosques are being bombed all across the Middle East and Africa, so where is the love there? Why are they pouring in all this wealth, when the Al-Aqsa Masjid, a historically important mosque is being torn away because of the war?

Because they only care about a certain type of historical landmark, because they only care about a certain type of person. Their money is only there to benefit those they have chosen, and that’s why everyones pissed off. It was one thing when they didn’t help anyone out, but now they do more for a building than they have for anyone else – it’s ludicrous.

We’re not saying that the fact that the building burning down isn’t sad, but we’re trying to say that if we put in the same energy as some of the billionaires do into helping the Notre Dame to literally anywhere else in the world – the world would be a less shitty place.

We could fund feeding the poor worldwide, help out everyones communities and invest in everyone living a better life!

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