The Scam That is CBD Oil Infused Food (114/365)

CBD oil has been all the range in 2019, we went from a society that was scared to even whisper about weed in public to putting it in everything – food, cosmetics, skin care, you name it, it has CBD in it! Now obviously I know CBD oil is different to the actual weed people smoke, but we’re living in a pro-hash society now.

CBD is honestly great, although I have an obvious bias since it’s helped a lot with my migraines. I won’t say it’s a cure, but it has helped me get from crippling pain to allowing standard pain pills to work (if you saw me in 2017 you’d know this is a very big deal). There’s loads of ways to use CBD oil to get health benefits from it, the two most effective styles is either vaping it, or dropping the oil under your tongue. These ways allow it to actually enter your blood stream quick and ensures you get the most out of the product.

So now lets segway into the food products, because you eat them, they spend more time in your digestive system then in your actual blood stream. To get any benefits out of them, you’d have to eat alot of the product, and that’s just going to cause you to vomit. I don’t know why CBD infused food is a thing, but it makes no sense. It has barely any (or no) THC, so it won’t get you high, you won’t get the benefits because it’s not going into your bloodstream directly. So what’s the point?

Morgan Sung wrote in a Mashable article:

“When ingested, CBD is absorbed by the fat in your body. That means when you drink a CBD-infused smoothie or smash a CBD-infused burger, much of the CBD will stay in the fat in your digestive system instead of getting to your brain. When you consume CBD by vaping, however, it doesn’t hit your digestive system and isn’t slowed down by your fat and liver. CBD oil is taken under your tongue — don’t swallow it — so that it hits your bloodstream, not your gut.”

It’s just a weird way of scamming everyone in my honest opinion. Since CBD is a buzz word, everyones going to try it, out of curiosity. That curiosity will help cash in some quick dollar – but in the long run, it’s honestly just weird way to jump on the bandwagon.

Stay away from it if you want health benefits from CBD oil, I know the oil itself is expensive, but trying to eat burgers infused with CBD to get the effects is even more expensive in the long run.

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