Seeing the Inside of Our Boobs Broke the Internet (115/365)

Human anatomy is weird when it comes to the most basic of things like our hands, our skull and when you think about the way our organs function you’ll probably end up with an existential crisis. This week we saw the inside of our boobs, mainly the milk duds, and it broke the internet.

I got sent a picture of them during work and was just like wow so thats what it looks like inside, because you never really think about it. If you have boobs you know what I mean – they just sort of exist and sometimes give you pain.

You know when Queen B has commented on the, it’s a big deal. Honestly it’s like we have flowers inside of us, and the reason everyone’s reacting is because we just didn’t expect it. We just thought it would be boring tubes, but no we literally have a flower underneath all the boob and it’s weirdly fascinating.

Obviously not everyone had this reaction, some where traumatised and some just didn’t know how to feel.

As a whole it’s honestly really funny and weirdly revealing on how little we’re taught about female anatomy in school. All we get taught is about fallopian tubes, when really this is something that should be shown to us so we get all of the possible trauma out early.

How does this make you feel? Whether you have boobs or not, I’m curious…

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