Youtuber Apologies are Weird (117/365)

We’re living in a pretty weird era when it comes to the rise of the influencer and Youtube celebrities. As they prosper and gain recognition in their field they are bound to make mistakes, some of those mistakes require an apology and that is what has inspired this blog post.

Youtuber apologies are fucking weird and they’re all done in the same style. The low quality camera, the hoody/black clothing, the lack of professional lighting and makeup – it’s all to create an air of ‘autheticity’. Which I somewhat understand, since regardless of their genre, they spend a lot of time trying to look perfect and made up. So when they fuck up they need to appear real and like a real person.

The fact that they need to remind their audience that they’re human with this layer of bullshit is what really gets me. They also use the same tone of voice, and by all using the same techniques to seem real, means that they’ve ironically distanced themself even more from their audiences.

I don’t know what about it really makes me feel uncomfortable, but it’s so staged and rehearsed. They even shed some cheeky tears for sympathy and when you watch someone cry, it’s always weird and cringey.

Does anyone else feel how I do about this?

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