How to Avoid Spoilers like a Pro (120/365)

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve reached that point in 2019 where every show/movie that we’ve been waiting for has (or is) coming out. The lead up to a lot of these releases has been painful for a lot of us, but the fact that movies like Avengers: End Game have finally hit the cinema’s means that a lot of spoilers are circulating the internet and it isn’t fun. Hell, even day to day conversation is dangerous since people discuss spoilers as easily as they complain about the weather. So naturally I have to write a guide on how to avoid spoilers so you can watch your shit in peace.

Stay off social media

This might be difficult, but it’s a necessary evil because spoilers are everywhere on social media. People’s stories, their comments, their memes – even meme pages aren’t safe. Just have a detox and save yourself the stress.

Let people know that you haven’t seen what you’re trying to avoid

Sometimes people spoil things and it’s an accident, they’re not actually being dickheads. They just assume you have watched it, so let people know that you’re avoiding spoilers and they will respect your boundaries (unless they’re an arsehole).

Listen to music in shared spaces

Now you can let people you know aware of your journey to avoid spoilers, but complete strangers don’t give a fuck – so avoid them by listening to a lovely playlist of your favourite loud music.

Hopefully these tips guide you on this journey, and if they fail, don’t come after me.

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