Rupi Kaur Inspired Poetry – Work Edition (123/365)

Rupi Kaur is a poet that is all over social media, she’s gained a lot of popularity. With that popularity comes a lot of people taking the piss out of her very ‘unique’ style of poetry – myself included. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love seeing brown women become famous, but she’s literally just writing basic things.

For example:

A child couldn’t honestly write it, so here’s my take on it, but using work as an example.

‘Everyone sitting
culminating in one setting
sweat dripping from their foreheads
realising they now have to engage in the thing we fear

small talk’

‘tap tap tap
think think think
how do we end the email

kind regards

‘the irony of work socials
is that we all know
that we’re only here for the free drinks
and food


‘work seems to be the only place
that makes you question
how grown adults
lack basic hygiene


2 thoughts on “Rupi Kaur Inspired Poetry – Work Edition (123/365)

  1. Wow… I feel like I’ve met my best friend or better yet doppelganger… I personally am a huge fan of Rupi Kaur and I’m always inspired by her works… It’s good to know that someone out there appreciates her just as much as I do… Also I’ve gone through your page, we both love and long after the same kind of things… and I hope you continue this blog after 2019…it’s world changing!

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