Creepy Uber Drivers Need to Go In The Bin.. (125/365)

Last night was probably the final straw with me dealing with creepy uber/taxi drivers. Usually when I get in an Uber at night time the driver understands to not start conversation, it’s late, I’m a girl, I already don’t feel safe – and a lot of them respect that.

I usually don’t mind a good conversation in a car, purely because you can get some really cool stories out of your drivers, I’ve even heard a whole story about how someone got into this country through the desert and how they saved money to get their family here safely – so this post isn’t bashing every driver, because a lot of them are good and just working to make a living.

Where I draw the line is when they ask me a lot of personal questions, especially at night time. It’s uncomfortable, don’t ask me about my ethnicity, where I live and work multiple times and expect it to be ok. I attempted to be as vague as physically possible, but then the driver said the one thing I didn’t want to here: he lives in the same area as me.I’m not overexagerating when I say that line scared the fuck out of me, becaause he’s driving me home, which means he now knows my address, and I don’t know if he’s just curious or a fucking stalker.

He must have been able to tell I was being annoyed towards the end of the drive since I told him he was asking too many personal questions. As he dropped me off, I waited for him to drive off, and then walked towards my house. This is a thing I’ve never done before, I never take the extra steps to make sure they don’t know my address, but this time I did, and it’s fucking annoying.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not my first rodeo with creepy drivers. One of the reasons I switched to Uber was because taxi services got too scary. They not only knew my step dad, but they would always ask me my relationship status, when they heard I was single they would be audibly shocked and keep stating the shock. They would then go on to explain how the journey was their last ride of the night, and I would always stop talking and pay close attention to the routes they take. The perk of Uber is that everything is tracked, and the drivers rely on a rating system to keep their jobs.

So basically we can’t win, if I go back to using normal taxi’s I could end up being in that situation again, but if I continue using Uber’s then I could run into this driver again – it’s a lose:lose situation and it’s fucking annoying.

I could rant for days about how it’s so normal to ask your female friend to message you when they get home, and this shouldn’t be normal to ask. We should be able to feel like our friends will be safe, but the world doesn’t work like that. It’s honestly a dangerous world and I feel like if I end up in this situation again I’ll probably either be more vocal or (sadly) pretend to be married, because it’s one of the only ways to get men away from you. Which is annoying, they don’t respect you when you’re single because you’re fair game, but if you’re with another man, then they suddenly back away.

TLDR: Taxi/Uber drivers can be fucking scary, and it’s sad because it gives the good ones a really bad name.

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