Weird Curly Hair Trends: Inversion Method (126/365)

In the past 5 years the curly hair community online has skyrocketed, it’s a great time to actually get information and learn how to perfect your routine. With the good comes the bad, and the bad comes with weird trends that really need to go in the bin. The method I’ll be writing about today is the inversion method – yes remember when that was a thing?

For those of you who don’t know, the inversion method is the belief that if you flip your head upside down and massage it for 5 minutes every day for a week you can grow 1 inch. The belief stems from the increased blood circulation helping hair grow, and from what I remeber flipping your head upside down would somehow make it work even better. Now it’s a lie, sorry, it’s just bullshit pseudo science. I’ve watched a lot of videos of girls ‘proving’ this method works, and they always lean forward when pulling their curls.

Yes massages and especially with essential oils is great for your scalp, it promotes blood circulation and does wonders for your hair and scalp health. It does not however magically make your hair grow faster, it can promote a slight faster growth – but not 1 inch in one week.

I think the curly hair community makes these weird trends because everyones obssessed with their hair length. A lot of it is because we spent years damaging our hair with relaxers and straightening it, so we couldn’t really grow it that long without a lot of breakage, but honestly, the natural hair community is tripping if they think they can grow 1 inch in a week. We tend to grow 0.5 inches every month (correct me if I’m wrong), so there’s no voodoo out there that will bypass it by 400%.

I remember when the inversion method became super popular and it was honestly a funny time. There was loads of videos of girls flipping their head upside down and hoping for magic – it was baffling. I’m someone who tends to do oil massages on my scalp once a week, so I know it’s a nice thing to do, but doing it upside down is just weird.

Don’t do it kids, the best way to help your hair grow is to condition it and leave it alone.

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