Man Boobs are Perfectly Normal (129/365) #bodypositivity

We’re living in an age where male body goals are getting scary. Although we all love a bit of Chris Evans and Michael B Jordan, acheiving their bodies takes a lot of training, food prep and time. These celebrities also get a lot of extra help with it, but because all we see is their abs, pecks and generally muscley bodies – we then see the opposite as ugly. So I’m here to tell you, your moobs are normal.

Everyone carries their weight and fat differently, and a lot of body positive movements are pioneered and fronted by women, but this is probably the only time I’ll say this: ‘what about the men’. What about the chubby guys, or the slim guys who have love handles? What about equal body representation for everyone, because toxic standards of beauty hurt us all.

Nicolas DiDomizio wrote a fantastic article and said:

“The cultural stigma associated with men having breasts reflects a larger issue with male body image, a topic that generates little discussion in the media. While our society is notorious for projecting unreasonable body standards onto women, there’s also no shortage of pressure for guys to have sculpted, muscular bodies. From cologne adsto movies and TV shows to men’s magazines, the media sends the message loud and clear: The ideal male body is supposed to look toned, sculpted and muscular, with nary a curve or swelling of soft tissue in sight. ”

Now I know, we have many sitcoms where larger men are seen with smaller beautiful women, and it’s seen as a norm in the wider world of television, but those men also have disgusting personalities. They’re usually misogynists, generally are horrible to their wives and their partners exist to just give them children and make them better people – which rarely happens.

It’s important to spread awareness for different body types for every person out there, especially with the rise of fitness bloggers promoting fake cures to rid you of all of your fat, or 30 day gym workouts. Of course I’ll always promote making healthy choices, but there’s no short cut to losing fat. By promoting the quick fixes it also promotes the idea that body types that aren’t in the media aren’t valid.

Men are expected to have muscles and no fat – and that’s just not sustainable for most people. Real people come in all shapes and sizes, some are short, some are tall, some have muscles, some have fat some have a mixture – that’s all ok.

5 thoughts on “Man Boobs are Perfectly Normal (129/365) #bodypositivity

  1. Truuu. And the super skinny ones are just fine too! Not every guy has to look like Ronaldo to be themselves! Great article

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