Just Migraine Things: Part 2 (130/365)

I thought I’d write another one of these because I’m at work and I’m experiencing the weirdest migraine ever, and I need to rant :)If you haven’t read part 1, you should, it’s very passive aggressive and filled to the bring with sarcasm.

I love it when I’m walking in public and get that familiar pang, the head feels woozy, and I suddenly lose the ability to walk straight. Now don’t get me wrong, I usually struggle with that anyway, but at this point it’s even worse and you have to actually focus on every step you take.

Then there’s that lovely moment where you hand feels slightly numb, and you’re just there, embracing this sensation you’ve had before. Because a migraine isn’t just a headache, it’s the whole experience from beginning to end – and it also features stroke like symptoms.

The best is when you see dark spots and you know you have at least an hour before you’re fucked. Before you’ll be mentally destroyed with every vivid symptom that aligns with migraine attacks. Migraine without an aura is one thing, but the when the aura appears – a super attack is in your future. Unless you somehow pop the right pain pills in time.

One of my friends called me blinky as a joke, and it’s mainly because with every migraine, comes extreme blinking. It must be to do with the extra need to focus on life alongside having bright lights being .a main trigger, but it’s not fun and it can’t be hidden beneath glasses.

My last mini rant is about how we actually define it. As someone who deals with this a lot, I never really know whats happening until it happens, and then I’m fucked. There’s loads of questions before like:

Is it just a headache?’
‘Am I just tired?’
‘Is the numbness just my body giving up?’
‘Is my neck hurting because it just hurts, or is this a sign?’

Those moments of dread are really annoying and I do mourn my life before having to deal with this shit. If you’ve read this far, apologies for the self pity – a rant was needed. 🙂

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